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Keep It Together: 200+ Tips, Tricks, Lists and Solutions for Everyday Life

NEW from Random House Reference fall 2006
ISBN 0-375-72179-7
Paperback 432 pages

Easy solutions to everyday situations. Getting older does not mean having all the answers to life's daily questions. How does one stock a bar? Know when to call a lawyer? Manage monthly bills? Everyone encounters “Oh no!” situations as they grow older. But Keep It Together helps turn “Oh no!” into “Oh yes!” by providing step-by-step instructions on everything from stocking a medicine cabinet to hailing a taxi in New York City, planning an exotic vacation to choosing a good mechanic.

As life poses questions, Keep It Together provides answers. In 20 sections broken down into 200+ lists, the book guides anyone juggling home, family, career, and a social life. As a go-to source for all of life's daily tasks and responsibilities, Keep It Together covers:

  • Organization Basics
  • Electronic Servants
  • Community
  • Social Life
  • Professional Life
  • Physical Health
  • Mind and Spirit
  • Personal Safety
  • House and Home
  • Housework and Other Emergencies
  • Flowers and Plants
  • Moving
  • Travel
  • The Law
  • Money
  • Insurance
  • Care
  • Elder Care
  • Death and Grieving

With Keep It Together, you won't have to worry or wonder what to do next, you'll have a book where the answer awaits … just look it up and keep it together.

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Whether you're just starting out in life or on your own for the first time in a long while, Keep It Together will become your new best friend, your dependable guide for life in the world today.

from Keep It Together: 200+ Tips, Tricks, Lists and Solutions for Everyday Life

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