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Checklists for Life: 104 Lists to Help You Get Organized, Save Time, and Unclutter Your Life

Random House Reference 1999
ISBN 0-375-70733-6
Paperback 320 pages

A handbook for an organized life. If you've ever wished for a class in Coping 101, or a guide to living more efficiently and with less stress, this book is for you! Over 100 sensible checklists offer quick tips and expert advice to make your life easier at work, at home, and through all of life's ups and downs.

Arranged by subject, from Personal Safety to Home Maintenance to Social Life, these lists will help you know what to ask, what to do, and what to have on hand in any situation.

  • What to do when your wallet is stolen
  • How to stock a bar
  • Questions to ask when hiring a contractor
  • What to keep in your medicine cabinet
  • Frequently overlooked tax deductions
  • How to be friends with your computer
  • The best and worse places to hide valuables
  • What to keep in a safe deposit box
  • Six steps of bare minimum housework
  • How to organize your file cabinet
  • How to cure your dying houseplants
  • Tips for writing an effective complaint letter
  • Tipping: who and how much
  • A countdown to moving day
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Show me a consistently successful person and I'll show you a list-maker. … Lists ensure that the job gets done correctly and completely — and with the added finesse that springs from an uncluttered mind.

from Checklists for Life: 104 Lists to Help You

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