My Beginnings … As family lore has it, my mother won a refrigerator in a jingle-writing contest just before I was born and my parents sold the prize to pay the hospital bills. I like the idea that a simple domestic device, plus a flair for catchy writing, helped launch me into the world. From my early career as a public radio reporter to my last several years as a non-fiction book author, I've tried to keep it practical (“news you can use!”) and to find the humor wherever possible. It's also true that my best writing seems to happen in between trips to the refrigerator.

I am the best-selling author of six books: Keep It Together, new from Random House Reference in October 2006, Feng Shui: Arranging Your Home To Change Your Life (Villard 1996), Feng Shui at Work (Villard 1998), Checklists for Life: 104 Lists To Help You Unclutter Your Life (Random House Reference 2000), Sizzling Sex: 242 Sure-Fire Ways To Heat Up Your Love Life (Gramercy Books 2001), and The Home Office Solution (by Alice Bredin with Kirsten Lagatree, John Wiley & Sons 1998).

My first book, Feng Shui: Arranging Your Home to Change Your Life, ran on the Best-Seller list and has sold nearly 150,000 copies to date. Both of my books on feng shui have been published internationally and are available in several languages, including French, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, and Cantonese.

In what I suppose is an excellent example of what feng shui can do to enhance your life, I toured nationally as a media spokesperson for Microsoft in 2000 and 2001, extolling the chi-enhancing virtues of curvy and comfortable keyboard and mouse combination.

My books have been featured nationally on “Good Morning America” and “Oprah” in addition to various magazines, including Forbes Business, Modern Bride, House Beautiful, Details, and Redbook. Checklists for Life was excerpted at length in the October 2000 issue of Family Circle.

I have given dozens of sold-out talks to groups such as The American Institute of Interior Designers, The Smithsonian Institution, The Nature Conservancy, and the National Press Club.

Prior to my career as an author and speaker, I was a reporter, editor, and public radio producer. I have been a columnist for The Los Angeles Times and reported stories for National Public Radio, The Associated Press, The Los Angeles Times, and CBS Radio.

I have a B.A. degree in history from California State University Long Beach and an M.A. in Humanities from The University of Chicago. I live in a cozy writer's cottage in Montclair, New Jersey with several friendly cats and am currently working on a memoir in which I hope to sort out that jingle story and other suspicious tales left behind by my parents.

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Feng shui isn't magic. But it gives you a fresh approach to solving problems and achieving goals. And that can make you feel as if you've tapped into the power of the universe. Which, in fact, you have!

from Feng Shui: Arranging Your Home to Change Your Life

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